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We Are Moving From Enom

On 15th March our previous supplier Enom LLC retired: Enom Instant Reseller

That means our old reseller website is no longer accessible from that date. However do not worry...

We have signed up a new reseller provider Netistrar Ltd to continue our service!

What is changing?

What do I need to do?

  • Your username and account information has been transferred to the new storefront.
  • Instructions to access your account will be sent to your account email address.

What about my domain names and DNS Settings?

  • Moving a domain name from Enom LLC to Netistrar Ltd requires adding one year.
  • Please login to your new account and see which names you have to transfer.
  • DNS settings setup through Whois-Register will need to copied prior to transfer.
  • Netistrar offers FREE DNS with easy to use tools for non-business critical use.

What about ID Protect (Whois Privacy)?

ID Protect (subscription) will need to be cancelled once a domain name is transferred:
  • ID Protect

Our new reseller Netistrar provides FREE Whois Privacy via Privacy Shield Ltd

Please note: ID Protect needs to be removed from a domain name prior to transfer.

What about my email accounts?

  • Our POP email product will continue to be active beyond 15th March 2020
  • However for the email to work the domain name requires to still be with Enom.com
  • If you can not move your email account in time you will be able to login as you do now.
  • This year we will be encouraging all email customers to move to Netistrar email.
  • Customers with existing email accounts can login via www.enomcentral.com

What about web hosting?

Enom will also retire our web hosting services on 31st March 2020:

Enom Web Hosting End of Service

This includes the following Linux Web Hosting:

  • Linux Silver
  • Linux Gold
  • Linux Platinum

Before 31st March 2020 you must download all necessary website files and begin your migration to a provider of your choosing. We recommend our friends at Krystal as an alternative provider.

What about other services?

In the coming months, Enom will also discontinue support for the following value-added products:

  • Google G-Suite
  • JustCloud
  • Website Builder
  • GoMobi
  • Business Listing

Netistrar currently supports Google G-Suite and Website Builders.

What about security products?

We understand that third party SSL products will continue to work when a domain name is transferred to Netistrar.

  • GeoTrust SSL Certificates
  • Symantec SSL Certificates
  • Sectigo Certificates
  • SiteLock

Have any more questions?

Please email: support@whois-register.com

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