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Important information for customers before March 2020

Information about our move from Enom to Netistrar.

Existing Customers (before March 2020)

  • If you were a customer prior to March 2020 your services will be with Enom LLC
  • Enom LLC is now owned by Tucows Inc in Canada
  • Your domain name whois will still show: whois.enom.com
  • Billing Currency: USD
  • TAX: EU VAT No. EU372003356
  • Old Pricing: USD Prices
  • To access your services please use your existing Whois-Register login at:

Enom Central - Login >

Transfer to Whois-Register (upgrade)

STEP 1: Reset Password & Add Credit Card

  • If you wish to transfer your domains from Enom LLC to Netistrar Ltd
  • Your username / account details will have been imported to Whois-Register.com
  • You will require a new account password which can be reset here
  • You will need to add your credit card details again as we do not store these

STEP 2: Prepare Names for Transfer

  • Turn off auto-renew on each service at Enom Central
  • Unlock each domain name at at Enom Central
  • Check you do not have any Enom Hosted Email Services
  • Check you do not have any Enom Hosted DNS settings
  • Make a note of any DNS settings which could stop working on transfer

STEP 3: Transfer each name on renewal

  • Login to your new Whois-Register account
  • View your domain names
  • Names to be transferred show as ‘transferring’
  • Click Manage
  • Click Transfer Domain
  • Any name still locked / not supported will say contact support
  • Check out (add one year on transfer)

Have any more questions?

Please email: support@whois-register.com

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