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About the WHOIS service

Public WHOIS services

Whois-Register.com, as an accredited Netistrar Reseller operates under domain name rules ICANN RAA 2013. Under those rules we are able to offer Privacy Proxy services to domain name registrants/owners (both businesses and individuals) who may wish to hide their registration details (address, email, telephone, etc.) from public view.

Unless otherwise protected by Privacy Proxy Services, Whois-Register.com is required to publish all domain name ownership records on public WHOIS servers. Sometimes this may be desirable, for example businesses want to publish contact information as a form of advertising, others may wish to keep their contact information concealed from public gaze.

Whilst many service providers often charge a fee to provide Privacy Proxy Services, Whois-Register.com offers basic Privacy Proxy Services FREE of charge. This document outlines the extent of that service and how to enable Privacy Proxy Services for domain name managed under a Whois-Register.com account.

Whois-Register.com intends to offer premium Privacy Proxy Services for business customers and their clients in the future. Whois-Register.com anticipates making a small charge for those enhanced premium services but a base level of Privacy Proxy Service will continue to be offered for FREE.

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