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About the WHOIS service

Public WHOIS services, as an accredited Netistrar Reseller operates under domain name rules ICANN RAA 2013. Under those rules we are able to offer Privacy Proxy services to domain name registrants/owners (both businesses and individuals) who may wish to hide their registration details (address, email, telephone, etc.) from public view.

Unless otherwise protected by Privacy Proxy Services, is required to publish all domain name ownership records on public WHOIS servers. Sometimes this may be desirable, for example businesses want to publish contact information as a form of advertising, others may wish to keep their contact information concealed from public gaze.

Whilst many service providers often charge a fee to provide Privacy Proxy Services, offers basic Privacy Proxy Services FREE of charge. This document outlines the extent of that service and how to enable Privacy Proxy Services for domain name managed under a account. intends to offer premium Privacy Proxy Services for business customers and their clients in the future. anticipates making a small charge for those enhanced premium services but a base level of Privacy Proxy Service will continue to be offered for FREE.

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