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From Dashboard > Domains > YOURDOMAIN.COM > Nameservers

In this section, you can select Nameserver options for your domain name.

Nameservers are the key routing servers for domain name traffic, ie. your Nameservers provide DNS services for website and email traffic.

We provides two options for setting Nameservers:

1. Use your own nameservers

Ideal for expert users. Select this option if you intend to use your own Nameservers (or third party Nameservers) to resolve internet traffic. Please refer to your Nameserver provider for the Nameserver address details to enter here. Note: if you select this option, you will no longer have access to your DNS records in the DNS settings section of this dashboard. DNS records will then be maintained outside the ENWAU system.

2. Use Whois-Register.com’s Nameservers

Ideal for users who don’t want the hassle of configuring their own Nameservers, and have simple requirements, ie. a website and an email provider. There is no additional cost for this service.

Note: choosing this option will activate your DNS settings.